Traditional Sights in Japan

imgp2651.jpg imgp2634.jpg imgp2652.jpg imgp2750.jpg imgp2755.jpg imgp2764.jpg imgp2772.jpg imgp2794.jpgimgp2796.jpg imgp2800.jpg imgp2847.jpg imgp2839.jpg imgp2846.jpg imgp28500.jpg

Here are some more shots from our trip to Japan.  Click through to flickr to see more details about each one.  The images show the Chrysanthemum festival at Shinjuku Gaien, traditional structures at Engakuji in Kamakura, hiking in Kamakura, and incense and decorations at the Sensoji in Tokyo.

(oops! some of the images aren’t up on flickr yet, so you can’t click through all the images yet, should be uploading more on monday after the Bust Craftacular)

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