Ars Electronica

the new ars electronica center, photo courtesy of ars electronica

Today we shipped out 36 orders, 2 wholesale orders, and a package to Ars Electronica in Linz, Austria.  Seven of our pieces will be exhibited for the next 3 years in the new Ars Electronica Center which opens on January 9th, 2009.  The new 6,500 m2 facility sited on the Danube river features a facades of programmable LED’s and is the self proclaimed “museum of the future.”  The center will feature exhibits on Media Art, Neuro & Bio, Bionics & Prosthodontics, Humanics, among others.

Ars Electronica is, of course, the same organization that runs the annual Ars Electronica Festival for Art, Technology and Society and hosts the Prix Ars Electronica – International Competition for CyberArts (like the oscars, but for computer art).  In general, they are really awesome, and we are happy to be included in their new museum!  For more info on them check out

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