Design your own jewelry using our tools, new and improved!

Great news! We have finally truly integrated the dendrite and radiolaria applets into the website.  Now you can seamlessly move between using our software to create your own pieces and shopping our work.  Design your own coral like pieces with the custom dendrite tool and design your own morphing hexagon pieces with the custom radiolaria tool.

Here we have the new and improved Dendrite applet.  This tool is now much faster and we removed some controls to make its use more intuitive.


And here is the new radiolaria applet.  Pretty much the same as before but with direct integration to your shopping cart.  Please let us know what you think!


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  1. Cheryl Darrow

    Love your jewelry. Looked at your website and noticed the thing about designing our own with your machine. Can you take a design and do it on rubber like your bracelets that I have. Look at our website and go to products…our Big Daddy mold Alphabet….could that be done up?
    What is the timeline for doing something custom?
    Cheryl Darrow

  2. jrosenk

    Hi Cheryl, we only produce custom designs made with our applets and by default those are produced in stainless steel.