job opportunity – work @ nervous system!

We are looking to hire a generative designer full-time to work with us at Nervous System. Here’s the job description.


Nervous System seeks a full-time employee with a wide range of skills. The position will fill a variety of roles as we grow our business into more domains depending on applicant’s skills and interests. Roughly half your time will be spent managing our general day-to-day business concerns and the other half will be spent participating in ground-breaking generative design work.

administrative tasks

* general office management: preparing and filling orders
* critical design feedback
* operating digital fabrication equipment (laser cutter, cnc router, makerbot)
* sourcing manufacturers, supplies, and materials
* finishing and assembling products


* writing  software/libraries for digital design
* researching natural pattern forming processes
* design of packaging and displays
* product photography
* working on large scale installations
* designing interactive experiences

Applicants should be organized and friendly (comfortable contacting customers, stores, and suppliers). Experience and excitement in design, computer programming, 3D geometry, digital fabrication, and manufacturing techniques are all a plus. It is also desirable for applicants to have some experience in science or engineering.

To apply, please email us a letter of introduction and a link to your portfolio or website.

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  1. Elena

    Ah, what a lovely job opportunity. Wish I lived near your hoods.

  2. Anand Aurora


    I seem to fit the bill ! The work looks exciting…however, I live in india ,I’m open to relocate…i hav’nt put up my profile as yet..i will put something up soon and send you the link.


  3. Gwynne

    Talk about one of the coolest jobs ever !