Gold-plated brass prototypes

We recently prototyped some of our most popular 3d-printed jewelry designs in gold-plated brass. These are produced in the same way as our sterling silver designs. First, they are 3d-printed in wax at a high resolution. Then, they are cast in brass using the lost wax method. Finally, they are polished and plated with 22kt gold. We are not sure if we are going to add this material to our collection. But, the limited stock we have available is currently for sale in the Nervous System Etsy Shop.  You can see the pieces we have available below.

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  1. Melanie

    Oh….any of your cuffs in gold-plated brass? Maybe…maybe with a brushed finish? wantwantwant

    1. Jessica Rosenkrantz

      maybe…which one appeals to you in brass?

  2. John

    May I ask who did the prototyping? I’m looking for that service.

    1. Margaret Swanson

      Hi John,

      We had these pieces made by Shapeways, which is the company that does most of our 3D printing. They offer a wide variety of materials, which you can read more about here: