Radiolaria applet

We’ve released a new applet! Using this applet, you can play with the processes we used to create the radiolaria line.

The applet consists of a hexagonal mesh of springs that can be distorted by various tools. In the current version, there are five tools. You can add attractive and repulsive forces, and then delete them. You can cut springs and heal springs that have been cut. We may add additional tools in the future for subdivision and selecting a specific section of the mesh to save.

More information, including the source code is available at the Play + Learn page.

The two images below give an example of how the applet works. On the left, we can seen all the manipulations carried out to create the pattern on the right. Red areas are where we have placed attractive forces and blue areas indicate repulsive forces. Red lines indicate springs that have been cut, creating holes in the mesh fabric.

Watch the quick video overview below to before you get started with the applet.

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  1. alex

    can i download or buy that simolator for architectual concept using?