Reaction Vase

I created this design yesterday for the Shapeways SIGGRAPH competition which asked designers to submit any design that costs less than $200 to 3dprint.  Our submission is a sculptural vase generated by reaction diffusion, a process which simulates how chemicals diffusing across a surface react with one another to produce stable patterns.

made with Processing, rendered in Sunflow, polygons reduced to 500,000 for 3d printing with Meshlab.  all free open source software!


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  2. I’m curious about an implementation detail concerning the application of reaction-diffusion equation solution to the vase. Did you apply it as a heightfield to a vase? And judging by the bottom, did you use the cylindrical coordinates of a point as its texture coordinate?

    It’s really beautiful, and I hope to hear / see more about it at SIGGRAPH — good luck in the contest!

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  4. Dan,

    It is essentially applied as a heightfield; however it is not one-to-one with the rd pattern. We used a blob detection algorithm to determine where areas of dots versus lines were and used that to transition from an embossed pattern to a cut out pattern (holes). The texture is applied with cylindrical coordinates. We experimented with methods that have less distortion/having a pattern that distorts to conform to the shape, but we decided that we preferred the distorted effect.

    I am working on a method of growing the reaction diffusion pattern on a surface, which would allow us to play with high genus surfaces.

  5. re: Scott Meyer

    we may offer them for sale on shapeways and our website after we have had a chance to examine a printed copy

  6. Jessel,

    High genus surfaces would be awesome! I mean, you’re practically obligated to run it on the Stanford bunny, but there are plenty of beautiful shapes that would be fantastic.

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