Zoanthus sociatus

I went into Boston this week and spent an afternoon soaking up inspiration at the New England Aquarium.  As usual, I spent some time transfixed at the live coral display.  I particularly love these guys, who are Zoanthus sociatus or Button Polyps.  They mostly reproduce by budding asexually and thus form dense colonial mats.  Wikipedia tells me that since they are a member of Hexacorallia each polyp should have tentacles in multiples of six, but I’m too lazy to count.

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  1. Prof.Dr.Ramasamy Santhanam

    Dear Dr.
    Kindly permit me to share your following figure
    Zoanthus sociatus
    for my title “ Biology and Ecology of Venomous Marine Cnidarians” to be published by Springer, Singapore. Due acknowledgments would be given
    Many thanks