new packaging

I’m excited to show off our new packaging. Recycled kraft boxes emblazoned with our logo and a pattern from the corresponding line. The rubber jewelry comes in sleak frosted plastic envelopes with tuck flaps.


Coming up with custom packaging for jewelry is tricky. Many companies offer hotstamping when you order several thousand boxes of one size. In addition to the inconvenience of having to order a thousand boxes of every size you ever use, there is also the issue that you have little control over the placement of your graphic. And the turn around time for that is 6-8 weeks! This means it definitely wouldn’t work for last minute people like us. Luckily there are some great sticker companies out there with very quick turn around times and a huge array of stock options. Why is the box making industry so outmoded?

In preparation for ICFF, I’ve also laced what feels like 10 million bracelets with silk ribbon. Here you can see them sitting next to approximately one 1/2 million radiolaria pendants.

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  1. Kyoko

    Hi Jessica!
    I adore your designs as well– interested in doing a jewellery swap??


  2. Kyoko

    Yay, awesome. I’ll email you in a few days regarding the pieces I’m intersted in… so hard to choose!


  3. Kyoko

    Ok, that would be perfect! Would you prefer the black or white Tamagocchi? I have urgent orders this week, but I should be able to dispatch it next week. Please email me your address ;) Thanks Jesssica!

  4. Kyoko

    Wow, that’s wonderful! Can’t wait to receive it. Black or white Tamagocchi pendant? Let me know!


  5. NW

    I haven’t visited for awhile, and today I did, and wow! I am eagerly anticipating the algae and lamina lines.

  6. Jennifer Perkins

    Man that is some slick packaging. I always find box shopping so intimidating. I wanted to stop by and let you know that I blogged about your jewelry today on Naughty Secretary Club and Badassical. I’m a fan. P.S. I voted for you guys in the Ponoko contest 

  7. lily yung

    I am so glad someone sent me your site. I have been developing a software to generate designs and was hoping I could do an interactive website for custom work. Since i am not a computer person at all, that took too long and my residency time was up. I love the algothric method of generating designs.

    Thank you for sharing so much information. I also did laser cut, but with neoprene and the time spent on cleaning the burn bits made the work too expensive. My laser cut stainless steel were all too rough. Got to find a better company.

    My best wishes for all your endevours,


  8. nichole

    i know you posted this so long ago… but i was wondering about you making boxes. just think of the possibles.

    your design knowledge could totally change the industry.

  9. Anahid K

    where did you order these frosted plastic envelopes?