Ponoko competition entry

We just entered another Ponoko competition with this fan/pendant.  It was another jewelry competition, this time with the theme of summer.   Working off that theme, we decided to create a pendant that transforms into a fan.  A pattern is cut out of the fan which transforms on each layer, creating a moving 3D pattern when the fan is closed.  This pattern is in fact a radiolaria pattern, where we have taken snap shots at regular intervals as the pattern morphs. The hexagons of the resulting patterns were divided into triangles.

The outer profile of the blade also transforms slightly creating a topographic surface when the fan is closed and a nautilus shell effect when open.  The shadow looks almost like a ferris wheel, and the individual blades remind us of electrical towers.  We find all of these images very summery, and I hope other people do as well.  Below you can see a detail of the closed fan.

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  1. Kyoko

    Hi Jessica!

    Glad to hear you like the jewellery. Your new designs look great too. Let’s stay in touch and maybe we could do another swap down the line.

    p.s. Your pieces are making my friends jealous ;)


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