Co-Creating with Nervous System: Make it in color!

order 23132Our Cell Cycle and Kinematics apps don’t just give you the ability to design your own Nervous System jewelry–they also allow you to order those designs in a variety of colors and materials. For this edition of Co-Creating with Nervous System, we’re looking at a few customers who really took advantage of their options!


The first is a pair of bracelets created in our Cell Cycle app. This customer designed a 2-layer bangle in polished brass and a 1-layer bangle in pink nylon. Both use large cells at maximum twist to create elegantly angular designs. We love the way the two different materials show off both the bright, casual feel of our hand-dyed nylon and the more “dressed up” polished brass.


Next up is a trio of Kinematics necklaces in vibrant hues of nylon. In addition to varying colors, the customer also chose a different module style for each necklace: crystal for the red, sharp for the blue, and polygon for the black.


Our third customer designed three pairs of brightly colored nylon Kinematics earrings, using the sharp and smooth module styles. Kinematics earrings are lightweight to wear but make a bold statement, and all the more so when they’re blue, pink, and yellow!
kinematics 42715

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