ipad apps for generative design

For our Reaction show at Rare Device, we recreated two of our design algorithms as interactive ipad applications that allow visitors in the gallery to engage in our process and try their hand at generative design. The two applications are Cell Cycle, which creates cellular bracelets and rings for 3dprinting, and Xylem which simulates leaf vein formation. The apps were made with the help of the Cinder library.

The Cell Cycle app uses a physics simulation to sculpt a mesh for 3dprinting. Visitors can use multitouch controls to stretch, twist, and scale the basic form. Using the control panel on the left they can change the basic mesh parameters and define boundary curves along the edges of the piece. Most significantly, they can also touch anywhere on the model to subdivide cells and introduce additional springs to the system.

The Xylem app allows people to paint on and erase horomone sources that will effect the venation structure’s growth. Watch the video below to get a sense of what that means.

If you are in the San Francisco area, you can play with these apps in the gallery at Rare Device, 1845 Market St.

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