CNC routed reaction shelf


As some of our long term readers may know, we have a home-made CNC router that lives in our garage. Prior to our reaction exhibit we gave the router a bit of a tune-up and added a dust collection system with the help of our friends from Sprout. Previously, we have only used the router for 2d cutting….mostly due to inaccuracies in the z-axis and lack of time to figure out how to do more complicated code to run the machine….but this time we had a couple extra days to get things going. I designed a shelf using one of our reaction-diffusion programs that had specific spaces where the porcelain prototypes of our new dinnerware line could rest. I think it came out well! The wood is cheap pine bought at our local hardware store.


Below are some in process shots. After routing the surface out with a rough pass we did a finishing pass with a small stepover and some hand sanding as well.

routing photo

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  1. Federico Escobar Salas

    Excellent Work!!
    The peace looks so beautiful!!


  2. Sarah P

    Beautiful piece. It really displays your collection perfectly!

  3. funki

    Fabulous! I love it. These would be beautiful as installations about a bed with soft lighting set into the “disturbance” zones. :-)

  4. Pam

    Absolutely stunning.

  5. Jeremy Lambert

    That is beautiful. Which programs did you use you render the GCode?

    1. Jesse Louis-Rosenberg

      we used mastercam. would be happy to receive recommendations for other programs

  6. Jeremy Lambert

    Mastercam is great for rendering G-Code. I prefer it. I just thought for sure it would have been done in a Vectric product. That begs the question….what was the starting file type? You surely didn’t begin the whole file in Mastercam?