A 3D printer is a computer controlled machine that builds objects layer by layer. Think of each layer as a two-dimensional cross-section of the final object. By stacking these layers on top of each other, we create a 3D shape. When these layers are very thin, they become almost invisible and the printed object appears smooth and seamless. 3D printing can create highly complex designs, including intricate forms with fine details and interlocking, movable parts.
porous bracelet
wave bracelet
2-layer twist ring
2-layer center ring
1-layer center ring
1-layer twist ring
silver thin ring
Reaction Lamp
Pollen Lamp
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Rhizome Cuff
Bone Cuff
Bamboo Cuff
Seed Lamp
Hyphae Lamp
Stainless Steel Spiral Cuff
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Stainless Steel Porous Cuff
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Convolution Silver Bangle
Convolution Steel Bangle
Orbicular Lamp
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Hyphae Pendant Lamp
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Arboreal Lamp
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Custom Kinematics Necklace
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Custom Kinematics Earrings
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Custom Kinematics Bracelet
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brass thin ring
brass wave ring
Morph Brass Bangle
Hyphae Sconce
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Kinematics Textile Swatch
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Flora Ring
Cnidaria Ring
Celosia Cuff
Flora Cuff
Flora Pendant
Flora Collar
Flora Brooch
Kinematic Petals bracelet
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gold thin ring