Furnishing our apartment

As of January 11th, Nervous System will be moving to Boston!  Our new apartment is ~1200 sq ft and located in Union Square.  We decided to take a week and design and build all of our furniture: dining room table and chairs, dressers, bookshelves, side tables, bed frame, etc.  Everything on our router, in our basement in NY.  Mostly we are using AC  plywood, which is the cheapest grade of plywood, and then some finished maple plywood for tables.

Here is a dining chair in progress:


From left to right: wood left over from cutting the two side of a chair, jesse sanding the seat of a chair, the router cutting a chair back

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  1. Donna Gomez

    Hi, I just received an email about the AltCraft show that you will be in and when I went to your web site, I see that we are or were neighbors. I live at 329 W. Saug. Rd. Anyway, I would like to use some pictures to go with the story if you would like. Please get back to me. Thanks and I hope you love Boston.