assembled chair

Well we finished assembling one chair, it is not actually finished since it needs to be sanded and then clear coated or painted.  All of the connections are done solely with wood joinery and all the cutting was done with a CNC router in our basement that we built ourselves.  The pieces will be disassembled for transport to our new apartment in Boston and then finished in situ.  The bottom on this chair is going to be flipped in the other chairs, so far we’ve completed 2.5 but the computer that’s running the router keeps crashing since it is running ubuntu off of a cd-rom.  We’ve taken a quick break to repartition the computer so we can run linux off the harddisk for fewer mishaps.


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  1. Sarah renard

    That is fucking amazing and genius and just so creative and I’m so blown away by what you guys are doing. You are my heros. Good luck with the move and I want to shoot your apartment when it’s done because that stuff us going straight to apartmento. Really guys, you are outdoing yourselfs. Ok, I’m going to shut up now. But it’s really rad.

  2. amanda mello

    This is a truly beautiful chair! Well done!

  3. Ashley Akers

    You guys are just too clever! I love the chair.

  4. ahmed hussein

    i love you guys and i love your design process and products, keep going, your are the best