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Welcome to our playground for design and experimentation. Use our apps to create your own designs, or see what new objects we are cooking up in the lab. Our design apps are rich interactive experiences that allow you to explore and create with computational systems we’ve crafted. You can make your own one-of-a-kind creation, see what others are making, or just play.

art + science + technology

Our products are inspired by science and technology. We draw upon research into how patterns and forms emerge in nature to create mathematical models and simulations that allow us to play with those processes. We explore how digital manufacturing methods like 3D-printing can be used to make objects more intricate, unique and personalized.

designed by you
crafted by us

Since 2007, we've been opening our unique design process up to our customers as online apps. From intricate cellular jewelry to lasercut wood jigsaw puzzles. You design it, a robot will fabricate it and we will ship it to you!
A series of limited edition products that test out our latest ideas and experiments. Through these designs, we can introduce and evaluate new algorithms, materials, interfaces and fabrication techniques.
hyphae lamps for desktop 3D-printing
Nov 16th 2015
Dec 15th 2015
Hyphae Calyx Lamp
13 days left
Hyphae Bromeliad Lamp
13 days left
The Calyx and Bromeliad lamps are our first foray into making products intended to be 3D-printed at home. Desktop 3D-printers are increasingly available in people's offices, libraries and homes; but, have they finally spread far enough that it makes sense for us to design for home printing? Now's our chance to find out! These designs are our first that you can purchase to print yourself ($5). Don't have access to a printer? No problem! You can order a finished lamp ($75) and we will print it for you from bio-degradable PLA plastic. These are also our first ever 3D-printed designs that we will manufacture in our studio in Somerville, MA using our small farm of desktop 3D-printers.

The designs are based on our Hyphae system, a simulation of growth inspired by how veins form in leaves. We've used this system before to make our popular line of one of kind lamps, but we wanted to make a version that would be more accessible and could be printed on a desktop machine. The Calyx and Bromeliad designs are the result. Read more about them in our blog.

the latest designs created by visitors to our lab
designs we've specially created for desktop machines. download these creative-commons licensed designs to make at home.