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Hive Trivets

We designed the Hive Trivets with our Radiolaria software in 2010 for tableware brand Modern Twist. -- A modular silicone rubber trivet featuring an organic embossed pattern inspired by cellular forms. The Hive trivets fit together to create a functional space that is also pleasing to the eye. They come in an array of fun colors. Use them individually for hot plates and pans, piece them together for larger dishes and pots, or make a honeycomb-esque table runner. Created in collaboration with Modern Twist, these clever kitchen + dining accessories are durable flexible and soft to the touch. The trivets are made of FDA approved food-grade silicone, heat resilient to 675 degrees and are skid and slip resistant; making it ideal for every surface.

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Kinematics Bodice

The Kinematics Bodice was the first piece of Kinematics clothing we produced, and it served as a proof of concept for our folding and fabrication methods. It is composed of 1,320 unique hinged pieces, and was 3D-printed in a single folded piece. In order to fit the bodice into the printer and minimize the space it took up in the machine, the design was printed in a flattened form, produced by our Kinematics folding software. The bodice was wearable straight out of the printer: no pieces were manually assembled and no fasteners were added. The back of the bodice features integrated 3D-printed snaps for fastening the garment. Technical details Scanning – Kinect scan of Jessica produced in our studio Design – Kinematics Clothing app (JavaScript, WebGL) Folding – Kinematics Folding app (C++, openFrameworks, ODE) 3D-printing – printed by Shapeways in Long Island City, NY by Selective Laser Sintering in nylon